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QLD Interschool State Championships

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 The Oz Shotz Team

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The Oz Shotz Team 2/7/15

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July 18th to 20th - SCSJC July Show and QLD State Champs

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The Oz Shotz Team 


Specialists In Photographing Sport And Outdoor Pursuits

Oz Shotz offers the highest quality photography at your event - from capturing the perfect moment through the lens to the superior customer service you and your competitors receive.

State Of The Art Mobile Office

Oz Shotz has created an innovative and specialised mobile office that presents competitors with the opportunity to view their photographs within minutes of the completion of the class in which they were competing.

On-Site Printing

Oz Shotz provides convenient on-site printing using high quality dye-sublimation printing techniques that ensure longer lasting photographs. Competitors no longer have to wait for their memories to be posted to them after the event - they're available instantaneously.

Oz Shotz Can Attend Your Event

Oz Shotz will cover a vast area of South East Queensland and northern New South Wales. To book Oz Shotz for your next event, simply send an email to: or fill out the form on our 'Contact Us' page. We look forward to working with you to make your event a memorable one for all involved!

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